3-Wheel Motorcycle Training

3-Wheel Motorcycle Training -$99 (for a limited time)

We now offer the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's 3-Wheel Motorcycle Training Course in Waco, TX.  We provide the 3-Wheel Motorcycle (Can-Am Spyders or Rykers) or you may bring your own 3-wheel motorcycle.

This course consists of 2 days (Saturday, Sunday) of classroom and range. Upon successful completion of the knowledge test and on-cycle skill evaluation, you will earn the Motorcycle Safety Course Completion Card (Trike Restricted). 


Certified instructors will share their expertise for you to receive the training fundamentals required to successfully complete the course and obtain your 3-wheel motorcycle endorsement. A Can-Am On-Road model will be provided for the duration of the course at no extra cost.

You will receive theoretical and practical essentials:

  • how to minimize risk and handle special situations
  • basic vehicle control
  • throttle control
  • straight line riding
  • stopping
  • turning and shifting
  • advanced skills like stopping quickly and evasive maneuvering

In Texas, both the knowledge test & skills test can be taken at your local riding school waiving the DMV requirements (age 18 or older). 

There’s never been a better time to Learn To Ride.

We can also provide helmets. You will need to bring eye protection, long sleeve shirt and pants, boots, and gloves.

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